Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Training modules for professionals


As a manufacturer of airtight systems, we can help you improve the energy performance of your building by 10 to 15 E-level points. We know that our responsibility goes beyond the development and marketing of high-performance products and solutions. Airtight construction is becoming a major challenge for all construction trades! That is why we have set up the in-house "BelgaClimacademy".

The aim of the BelgaClimacademy is to offer as much support as possible to our partners - being architects, dealers and installers - through customised training modules in order to jointly achieve a commercially viable and airtight result for the client.

Furthermore, our structural engineers, who specialise in airtight construction, offer manufacturer-independent training for trade unions and education.

Finally, the BelgaClimacademy also attends various trade fairs in support of our dealers.

Find out more here about what the BelgaClimacademy can do for your specific construction trade.

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