Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Belgian quality brand

Belga Plastics is a Belgian family business with a strong tradition in the development and production of flexible films for industry and related sectors. In addition to modern machinery, our organisation consists of people who make all the difference. People with know-how, ambition and a passion for their profession. And we are happy to share this passion with our customers, suppliers and relations.

Our customers and end users are in turn critical, and constantly place new technical and other requirements on our products and services. We do not look on this negatively, but see it as the source of innovative developments. Like them, we impose strict requirements on performance, functionality, user-friendliness, cost-efficiency, aesthetics and not least ecology. Our products find their way into various industries such as food, non-food, construction, chemicals and the medical sector.

Belga Plastics is a company that is brimming with a healthy entrepreneurial spirit and with due consideration for customer focus, team spirit and social responsibility. The pillars on which a family business should be built.