Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Belgafoil DUO

Airtight, moisture-controlled window tape for internal and external use

High-tech window tape with a variable Sd value, making the film suitable for the realization of the air tightness on the inside as well as for the resistance to driving rain on the outside of the joinery. Depending on the moisture content in the ambient air, this film behaves vapor-inhibiting or vapor-permeable (usually vapor-inhibiting on the inside of the building and vapor-permeable on the outside). In this way, optimum moisture management for the joint around the window is guaranteed in all circumstances. The tape is provided on one side with a high-quality adhesive strip with which the tape can be attached to the window frame.

Width - Rolls per box: 

  • Width 100 mm - 4 x 30 m  
  • Width 150 mm - 2 x 30 m
  • Width 200 mm - 2 x 30 m*
  • Width 250 mm - 1 x 30 m*
  • Width 300 mm - 1 x 30 m*
* product on order