Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Belgafoil SA IN

Airtight, full-surface self-adhesive and vapor-inhibiting window tape for internal use

The tape consists of a reinforced and airtight PP tape-fleece combination. The backside of the tape has a high tack adhesive layer (IGT) on the full surface that allows a simple and completely hidden installation of the window tape, without additional sealant or mastic to the (smooth) masonry substrate. 

Belgafoil SA IN has an additional bonding strip (IGT) on the top (23 mm), for installation prior the window fitting.

Packaging - Rolls:
  • width 75mm x length 25m - 5 rolls/box*
  • width 100mm x length 25m - 4 rolls/box
  • width 150mm x length 25m - 2 rolls/box
  • width 200mm x length 25m - 2 rolls/box
  • width 250mm x length 25m - 1 roll/box
  • width 300mm x length 25m - 1 roll/box*
* product on order