Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Belgatape GREEN

High-quality, flexible, green adhesive airtight tape

Belgatape GREEN is a high-quality, flexible, green adhesive tape for the permanent airtight bonding of all membranes from the BelgaClima range, as well as for the permanent airtight sealing between wood derivative panels (such as OSB or plywood panels).

The Belgatape GREEN ISO version is specially designed for the sealing of injection openings.


  • width 50 mm x length 25 m - 12 rolls/box
  • width 60 mm x length 25 m - 10 rolls/box
  • width 150 mm x length 25 m - 4 rolls/box
  • Belgatape GREEN ISO width 170 mm x length 25 m - 5 rolls/box