Airtightness systems for roof, wall and window

Belgafoil SA-L IN

Airtight, full-surface self-adhesive and vapour-inhibiting window tape for internal use

The tape consists of a reinforced and air tight PP tape-fleece combination. The backside of the tape has a high tack adhesive layer (IGT) on the full surface that allows a simple and completely hidden installation of the window tape, without additional sealant or mastic to (almost every) smooth masonry substrate. The topside has a very good grip to ensure a subsequent plaster coating.

Packaging - Rolls:

  • width 75mm x length 25m - 5 rolls/box
  • width 100mm x length 25m - 4 rolls/box
  • width 150mm x length 25m - 2 rolls/box
  • width 200mm x length 25m - 2 rolls/box
  • width 250mm x length 25m - 1 roll/box
  • width 300mm x length 25m - 1 roll/box

Also available with an additional bonding strip on the top (23 mm), for installation prior the window fitting (ref. Belgafoil SA IN).